There are three types of band membership in the NCCPB: student, performance, and competition.

  • Student Member: The NCCPB welcomes all newcomers, both drummers and pipers, as student members of the band. Student members study basic rudiments and tunes until they are ready to perform all of the band’s performance tunes.  When the Pipe Major, Pipe Sergeant and Drum Sergeant determine a student member has memorized and correctly  plays all of the band’s performance music the candidate is accepted as a member of the performance band.

  • Performance Member: Once admitted as a performance member of the band, the piper or drummer participates in public performances.

  • Competition Member: Performance members who would like to play in competitions inform the Pipe Major or Leading Drummer of their wish. The Pipe Major and Leading Drummer determine if pipers and drummers meet the required standard. Playing in any one competition does not necessarily mean that a piper or drummer plays in all competitive events of the season. The Pipe Major or Leading Drummer may stipulate that a player stand down on the day or for a particular event. However, being stood down on any one day does not preclude a piper or drummer from playing in future competitions.

We are currently looking to bring in experienced players of all types! Alternatively, we have lessons every week and love teaching new players.

If either of those describe you, please come to a practice, we'd love to have you.