Worn for both performances and competitions, the NCCPB uniform consists of the following items:

  • Black glengarry
  • Glengarry badge
  • White oxford shirt *
  • Band tie
  • Black vest
  • Black rain cape
  • Waist belt
  • Colorado tartan kilt
  • Black sporran
  • Black hose *
  • Red hose flashes
  • Black ghillie brogues *
  • Black Jacket

* The cost of these items must be covered by the band member. Hose and shirts can be purchased from the band Quartermaster. Brogues can be purchased from a supplier of highland wear for approximately $100-200 (US).

Note: A uniform deposit is required for band-owned items. This deposit may be redeemed in full if the items are returned to the Quartermaster in good condition.

We are currently looking to bring in experienced players of all types! Alternatively, we have lessons every week and love teaching new players.

If either of those describe you, please come to a practice, we'd love to have you.